AUDI S3 Stage 2+ HOW TO INSTALL and DYNO Pulls!!!! [4K]

AUDI S3 Stage 2+ HOW TO INSTALL and DYNO Pulls!!!! [4K]

2017 Audi S3 Stage 2 034 Motorsports Stage 2 Tune Dyno Before and After. In this video I head over to 034 motorsports to get the 2017 Audi S3 Tuned with the stage 2 #Audi #S3 #8vS3 #034motorsports
Get the Stage 1 Tune here-
Carbon Intake-
034 3″ Cast Stainless Steel Downpipe-
034Motorsport Res-X Resonator Delete-
Front & Rear Stainless Braided Brake Line Kit-
Dynamic+ Performance Lowering Springs-
Dynamic+ Camber Mounts – Pair-
22.2mm Solid Rear Sway Bar Upgrade-
Spherical Rear Sway Bar End Link – Pair-
Adjustable Solid Front Sway Bar – 23.8mm-
Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Links-
VMR 19″ V710 Wheels-
22.2mm Solid Rear Sway Bar Upgrade – Adjustable-
Dynamic+ Performance Lowering Springs-
Carbon Fiber Mirror Cap Set- Welded
[E30 Mods]
E30 Competition Coilovers-
CAE Ultra Shifter-
CAE Adjustable Selector Rod DSSR-
Urethane Rear Subframe Mounts-
E30 Late Model Plate Filler-
Steering Flex Coupler –
Urethane Rear Trailing Arm Bushings – Set
Stainless-Steel Brake Line Set-
Garagistic Racing Seat Side Mount Brackets –
BMW E30 complete polyurethane suspension kit-
BMW E30 secondary diff mount-
BMW E30 front + rear strut bar package-
E30 steering rack swap kit z3, e36, e46-
E30 SPEC Front + Rear Sway Bar Package-

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Alex Pancheri says:

You know you have a good shop when they use a Mustang dyno. They're going for honest, repeatable numbers, not BS. Great video! I am looking for an S3 and to do this exact setup.

John Morris says:

So I got a cai no res no muffler I’m thinking about going stage one but can I delete the cat and keep stock down pipe without tuning it for a little while or do I just tune it?

Turbo Grocery says:

What torque did you do for downpipe flange to turbo

Rafael Cordeiro says:

that car should be making 400whp on 2wd dyno.

Ej Icon says:

13:44 – How is it that your S3 is producing the same exact torque and HP numbers in stage 2 as it was in stage 1 from your previous video? I'm scratching my head? However the case, solid videos. Thanks for sharing.

d c says:

oh, I see you changed your downpipe too, do you need to change your intercooler for stage 2? I have awe exhaust, struggling to change which brand of the downpipe, any suggestion?

Che veu says:

Would anyone know the tightening torque of the 3 BTR screws on the transmission?
I can’t seem to find it 🙁

Brenden Jimenez says:

Is it possible to take it out without take off the drive shaft

Jarred Bowler says:

im stage 2 in my 2018 golf and make almost 400whp, that car is not making great power. i am in Australia dont know if that makes a difference

Aaron P says:

Have an A3 2017 2.0t with APR tune. Thing hauls ass now. Pretty sure its the same motor as S3. Downpipe is next. Cant wait. Some S3 front brakes would be nice too

Just some Guy says:

Lol same exact thing on GTI..on floor you have to turn counter clockwise while pulling out downpipe Incase someone needs help

comedyman112 says:

I'm new to tfsi engines. Can someone please tell me if the Downpipe required for stage 2 on these engines also contains the catalyst? Or is the Downpipe separate from the Catalyst on 2.0 tfsi? I have a golf 6 R with K04 2.0 TFSI and want a stage 2+ upgrade.

Kenny Agne says:

he’s making about 320whp on a dynojet which isnt bad he is california with crappy 91oct gas i made 340whp on my s3 with the ie tune so 20whp difference

vroomgc says:

An Intercooler doesn't add hp it just makes sure you don't lose hp to heat soak.

Paul Sagan says:

What's up blake in the market for a downpipe was looking at the 034 motorsports and before I purchase it just want to know if you got a cel for exhaust yet? Also did you install a defouler? Thank you sir !

Alvin Alberto says:

What's the name of the grease lubricant he recommends for East Coast guy

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