Audi / Fix The Dead LED's / Open / Remove REAR LIGHTS / Tail Lights

Audi / Fix The Dead LED's / Open / Remove REAR LIGHTS / Tail Lights

Here you can see the products which i used in this video OSRAM 3528 red LSE6SF-V2BA-1-1

Epoxy Resin Glue

In this video I will show you the rear lamp from an Audi, how to remove the glass and how the dead LEDs are changed

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LSE6SF-V2BA-1-1 LS E6SF-V2BA-1-1 OSRAM 3528 red PLCC-4 Common Cathode Super Bright LED taillights SMD



Nilgesz Arnold says:

hey guys, i just did this fix, for your info For Audi A4 2008 the wavelength of the led should be 625 nm, not 633nm Osram makes both models unfortunately i replaced the wrong ones and the whole car looks orange with one red tail light. I ordered my parts from farnell.

Ивайло Стоянов says:

Awesome video 🙂 ive got S4 B8 and i need to change the led turn signals form red to orange / for EU standard / Im looking in the net for orange but i dont find any

rasheed russell says:

This was very useful, I was not able to find repair parts for my lights, so thank you for making it easier for me now.

Maverick Person says:

Thanks for the video, trying to replace LEDs for a Honda Accord and on circuit board it says N27, as well as SA64845NZ27A and QPWG-N544. Any idea on the type of LED? Thank you

zyakins says:

7:27 I see the LED from aliexpress is very different from the original OSRAM

Skegness Skegness rspa says:

Seam lot work just one 2 led can buy hol unit

Ananth Upadhyaya says:

Product link has expired, any alternatives to achieve the same results?

Vytautas Armalavicius says:

whether such led is suitable for audi a6 c6 2005 ?

Elektronik Atölyem says:

Very helpful video

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