🔴 Audi Window Tint | How to Tint Car Windows | Hand Cut and Install A4 Window Tint

🔴 Audi Window Tint | How to Tint Car Windows | Hand Cut and Install A4 Window Tint

I tinted this Audi A4 Live in Avery Dennison 20% window film. More difficult car to tint with tighter seals, tight door panels and a high deck lid. 3rd brake light was also removed in order to get a much cleaner install on the back window. see the complete tinting process start to finish while I answer your questions!

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Glass Aid is a 10 mil thick protective cut resistant strip that is meant to protect the glass from your knife. It’s white color make it easy to see through even the darkest of films. It’s flexible construction allows it to easily be formed around corners and it is heat resistant so it won’t melt during shrinking. Glass Aid is also designed to remove cleanly so you don’t have to worry about leaving adhesive behind when you remove it. This product is perfect for beginners and pros alike!


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A Blazing Ape says:

Where are you located I’m from Metro Detroit

Mickey Gentry says:

What did you out lined the rear windows with to keep the blade off of the glass? Never seen that before

Steven Wyche says:

Can you tint a 2000 grand Marquis i want to see how someone would cut out the spots for the rear defrost grid connections

Paul Hampson says:

Awesome video!! Is that the Avery NR or NR Pro film? What's the difference? Thanks a million 🙂

John Wilson says:

Great video!

David Monrroy says:

What is that yellow squeegee tool called??

Adam Bradford says:

I am a beginner how do I stop the fingers on my side window roll ups

Ryan Flores says:

Question: why's is that after shrinking and installing on a back glass, small fingers are always at the edges of the window? Not enough shrinking towards the edges of the film?

luke says:

Still waiting for the lexen tint review

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