Replace Honda, Acura’s clutch without removing sub frame

Replace Honda, Acura’s clutch without removing sub frame

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This method saves lots of works and time.



Fernando Ramos says:

Will this work for a 2004 rsx? Feel like this would be much easier

Handsome Loner says:

I watched other video on changing clutch, they supported the engine by holding or hanging it with robes or chains to a metal frame structure. Is that necessary? The reason, I'm asking is, I don't have that kind of metal frame structure and on your video, I do not see one being used.

theunknown one says:

You just gave me new hope

Ivan Hernandez says:

will this be the same for 2004 acura tsx 2.4?

Joyce Miller says:

Does this work for a 2002 Acura RSX?

Keith Starks says:

This video has been my primary reference for doing my 2009 Honda Accord clutch. Thank you so much for posting this video as it is the only detailed one I have seen where the complete job was done without removing the subframe!

One question: Where did you get the printed reference pages showing the diagrams and torque specs?

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