How to Replace Stabilizer Bar End Links and Bushings – 2002 Acura TL-S — Honda Accord

How to Replace Stabilizer Bar End Links and Bushings – 2002 Acura TL-S — Honda Accord

Demonstrated on a 2002 Acura TL-S, this video will show you how to replace your Stabilizer Bar End Links and Bushings. The stabilizer bar, also called the sway bar, is an important component of your suspension that prevents your vehicle from rolling over when turning. It can also be a common culprit to a knocking sound coming from your suspension. The replacement process is extremely similar to most Acura and Honda vehicles, and just about every other vehicle on the road today.

Reminder! If you are replacing just the bushings, you do not need to remove the end links or jack up the vehicle. You can simply remove the bushing holder bolts, replace the bushings, and bolt it back in. Simple and easy!

This process is the same for both the front and rear stabilizer bar bushings and end links. The only difference is the bushings holder bolts for the front are torqued down to 29 ft.lbs, and the rear to 16 ft.lbs. The end link nuts are torqued down to 29 ft.lbs in both the front and rear.

0:00 – Intro
0:13 – Diagnosing end links and bushings
3:39 – Buying parts
5:47 – Apply chucks to front wheels, place rear of vehicle on jack stands, and remove rear wheels
6:24 – Spray penetrant on end link and bushing bolts
7:01 – Remove end link nuts
9:40 – Remove bushing bolts
10:36 – Inspecting bushings and bushing holders
11:42 – Apply silicone paste inside bushings and on sway bar
12:40 – Put bushing holders back on car
13:32 – Torque bushing holder bolts to 16 ft.lbs
13:44 – Insert new end links
14:32 – Tighten end link nuts
16:05 – Torque end link nuts to 29 ft.lbs
17:00 – Put wheels back on and torque lug nuts to 80 ft.lbs
17:18 – Conclusion

Parts used in this video:
x1 Stabilizer Link Kit – 06523-S84-A00 –
x2 Self Locking Nuts – 90212-SA5-003 –
x2 Stabilizer Bushings – 52306-S0E-015 –
x2 Bushing Holders – 52308-S3M-A00 –
x4 Bushing Holder Bolt-Washer – 93402-08016-08 –×16-934020801608?c=Zz1jaGFzc2lzJnM9cmVhci1sb3dlci1hcm0mbD0zNSZuPUFzc2VtYmxpZXMgUGFnZSZhPWFjdXJhJm89dGwtc2VkYW4meT0yMDAyJnQ9dHlwZS1zJmU9NS1zcGVlZC1hdXRvbWF0aWM%3D
3M Silicone Paste –



Joon says:

Thanks for all the videos uploaded, I've had my 02 TL-s since 2007 and went thru a lot of stuff that you've been DIYing.. Today I replaced end links and tie rods and your video definitely helped out. I'm about to flush my coolant as well in coming days.. And probably replace power steering o-rings later down the road. Cant wait to get my wheels re-aligned 🙂 keep up the good work. Mine's currently at 236k miles and still going strong.

justin principe says:

So uhm, what happens when the place where put put the bolts in is so rusty the sway bar falls off..? Can you just buy a new one of those?

lexusfan100 says:

do u have to raise the car up to change bushings. if they are easily accessible can one do it without raising the car up?

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