How to replace AC compresson on 2009-2013 Acura TSX

How to replace AC compresson on 2009-2013 Acura TSX

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George Le says:

how do you charge the system with r123 freon ?

Marv_ 580 says:

BEST video for a DIY; much appreciated, life saver.

Matthew Muschamp says:

RB, Is this a V6 acura tsx? I have a 2009 TL ac compressor that failed and i believe they have identical setups. Did you also replace anything with in regards to the AC?

Driver’s Line says:

I recently had to change my alternator on my 2012 tsx but to get it out I loosened the low pressure ac line to move it a little out of the way but some pressure was coming out for about a min. I closed it back immediately and got the alternator out. Should I recharge the system myself ? Also I am getting a check “ charging system”and battery light (my battery had needed to be charged prior to the repair but I got it charged after). Will the light go away after a few starts?

Raúl Torres says:

Not sure if you fixed or not. Why you didn’t turn on your car before fixed?

Grizzy Bear says:

Yeah i didn't need to remove the alternator, i just removed the plastic protection under the car and was able to unscrew a/c compressor from the bottom.

Grizzy Bear says:

If i were to do this at home, how would i safely release the A/C refrigerant? Also how do you add oil into the A/C compressor?

Willie Fufu says:

I really appreciate you for making this step by step video, I have a 2004 Acura TSX, but the information that's presented here is very relevant. I have questions but I don't know what to ask at the moment. For now, i"m going to go outside and put this new AC Compressor in my car and I will come back with questions.

Gerardo Donaire says:

Hey I bought a new compressor and comes with a dryer hole rings and the oil but I don't know where the dryer goes

Gerardo Donaire says:

Thank you I will

Gerardo Donaire says:

Amazing video thank you very much !

brixtion says:

Awesome video fams love the techniques bro. Much love bro. Tim from nyc.

Daniel G says:

Sound like DJ Khaled. Man I’m so thankful for your video. Awesome work!

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