Alternator Replace & Verify: Acura TSX

Alternator Replace & Verify: Acura TSX

So after loading up out PARTS CANNON with a replacement alternator, let’s install it in this hot rod Acura TSX and see if it cures all the problems at once!

Of course we must scientifically verify the repair to ensure no comebacks and a 100% satisfied customer 🙂

Link to Part 1 – DIAGNOSIS:




Taco says:

I'm trying to do this one now and for the life of me I cannot get a socket on to the bottom bolt. Can you tell me specifically what size/types of socket/extensions you used at 10:12? Much appreciated.

Elden Giron says:

My alternator in my 08 TSX was basically over voltage, got a brand new Duralast Gold alternator in it, autozone. Hopefully it lasts a few years since I had mixed experiences with refurbished alternators from autozone so I spent the extra $50 to get a brand new one

Dave Clark says:

"Look at all the room!"- RSX owners

hightttech says:

At 20:58, what a stunning view. Beautiful. Love the cows grazing. Picturesque.

Daniel J says:

How come i know. Bonus time. Yeahhhhh

Edward Szabo says:

An easier way to get this alternator off is to remove the left fan and you can gain access to both bottom bolts with a 1/4" ratchet and a small extension. Then flip it upside down and it will come out towards the radiator

ih oh says:

Great job
Is it cheaper to rebuild alternator by yourself then buy new one?

kenneth litton says:

I like the double headed swivel ratchet

PJ Will says:

Can you list all the tools you used?

Kevin Newman says:

Great step by step .had my acura for years and this was the only thing I changed. Had to get it done quickly. Thanks for steps and info .

saarike says:

Really nice job! Very difficult to replace an faulty alternator. Thanks a lot.

Matt Collins says:

Somebody probably messed up the AC hose the last time they replace the alternator.

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