09-2014 Acura TL: purge valve replacement DIY. This is a very easy process and should take about 15-30 minutes depending on skill level. Save some money and do it yourself!

Common codes: P0497, P145C, tighten gas cap, EVAP, emissions,

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P A says:

how often do these need to be replaced? Ive had it replaced once before less than 70k miles ago. Would using Seafoam in the intake cause it damage?

Satkuneswaran Satkunananthan says:

Hey boss
My Acura tl2012 has a code p2422.
Should i just replace the valve or check something beforehand. Thanks in advance

P W says:

Can you explain the difference between this Purge Valve vs. PCV Valve replacement? I read online but its confusing still. Thank you!

CascadeSprings says:

Nice video. Thanks!

Tomas Alvarez says:

Thank you!!!

Oanh Doan says:

I have a Acura 2012 TL emission system the light on how to replace my friend? Thank so much again

Oanh Doan says:

Can you tell me about the emssion light on

Oanh Doan says:

Thank so much my friend

Andrew Blair says:

Hello 512 TSX
I have a 2012 TL and my light came on a week ago. I watched your video and replaced the purge valve and the light came off after disconnecting the battery to reset the computer….thanks

Rod Antoine says:

This guy was correct, my 2010 TL tighten fuel cap is now fix.

BeauPho Masterpiece says:

I hope this is my issue . The code read bad fuel valve. Diagnostic is 89.99 and if this is the issue the fix is 150.00 . Im a female and not making any excuses this isnt something i can affors not to get fix but if i can do it myself and save all that money i surely dont mind . I have an accura ILX 2014

Caraun Vernon says:

How did you know the purge valve needed to be replaced?
I have a 2014 TL and my "tighten fuel cap" came on and stayed on for about a day but hasn't been on since.

mikey says:

Hi 512 TSX thx for this video I didn’t see any videos for the Purge value or PCV on 4G TL’s , My 2014 which is same as your 2012 just got a Tighten Fuel-Cap light on so I tightened the cap which didn’t help & I haven’t touched my cap in over 2 Weeks when I got gas Is this the fix to make it go away?

512TXS DIY says:

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