2025 Acura MDX — Did Acura FIX Everything to Make This the BEST MDX Ever??

2025 Acura MDX — Did Acura FIX Everything to Make This the BEST MDX Ever??

Here’s our Part One Review of the Refreshed 2025 Acura MDX Type S Advance!

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Acura has made some pretty substantial changes to their best-selling model for 2025, and we are checking out all of the details! So, do these changes give the MDX a value advantage over German competitors? Or should you buy the new competition: the Lexus TX, BMW X5 or Audi Q7? Go ahead: CLICK to find out 🙂 Also, be sure to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and tap the notification bell if you enjoyed this review — it helps us more than you can imagine!
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0:00 Intro
0:43 Detailed Exterior Walkaround
5:18 Interior Design & Technology
13:37 Rear Seats & Cargo
18:54 Powertrain
20:43 Pricing
21:40 Resale & Reliability

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@CarConfections says:

Are you looking to buy an Acura MDX or any new vehicle? Go to https://carconfections.com/new-car-quotes to get the BEST price and access to invoice pricing information!

@DominionAnako-bb7ry says:

Love your car video

@twinklets587 says:

Just traded in my 2022 aspec and got my 2025 type s blue exterior and red interior. Absolutely IN LOVE

@tomcat6933 says:

Every new refresh is the best ever. How else are the manufacturers going to sell their vehicles. This is where car reviewers advertise them.

@hellkitty1014 says:

I really appreciate the update of the MDX, mostly the infotainment updates. The blue interior looks great(but cmon Acura, thats waayyy too much black piano plastic fantastic to considered in the luxury class).

The major elephant in the room for the Acura: The BMW X5 exists for the same money and is standard with B58 power. It probably has better lease terms as well. And has a better interior.

@macaron3141592653 says:

Insane that the third row is so bad despite this thing being 4" longer than the older generation and the same size as the pilot of telluride.

@u2cya says:

Is the engine still with timing belt instead of timing chain ? Do the backside windows one touch down/up or not ?

@ronelldeadrick9252 says:

Can’t believe they moved away from els

@charlessands7649 says:

The front is overstyled. So glad I have the prior gen

@FirstHillSeattle says:

Just put a deposit down an a 2025 MDX Type S in this color combo. Hoping to get it in a few weeks!

@jonclassical2024 says:

I'll take the Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition thank you very much and save the money, since it will go 10+ years and 200K w/o any issues!

@jbar_85 says:

How is a luxury brand not offer headed seats and heads up display as standard? Did they make rear-cross traffic alert optional too? Typical Honda as of lately.

@calkyyu says:

3rd row have vents, look down

@magnoliap5824 says:

Meh, the exterior design doesn’t wow for the price, especially the back end. Need A C U R A spelled out at least. The console has no good place to put your right hand either.

@chefboylee says:

car still looks outdated, pass

@tonemack2981 says:

It looks good overall but I think the style of the previous wheels go better with the overall package. Love the frameless grille look, but I think Acura should've applied that same design with the lower front fascia. The black lip around those front lower intakes are just too large. The frameless design treatment would've clean things up.

@tahran5782 says:

I like the Acura MDX but I also like the Lexus Texas

@joejoed5851 says:

There is no spare on the S, run flat tires only, might be a deal killer.

@krackmo says:

Listen guys if auto manufacturers are going to add 3rd row, it shd accommodate adults

@shieka20 says:

They should’ve kept the hand rest. Honestly thats gonna keep me from upgrading from my 22 to this.

@trieunguyen5897 says:

I think I’m gonna get 2023-2024 models to save a few bucks. The new wheels look hideous.

@titaniumspecial4207 says:

Getting rid of that piano black on the inside and out would make it perfect.

@user-nu1ci6ps2j says:

Maybe I will trade my rxd for this..

@tmyere. says:

I liked this vehicle until he said no 3rd row air vents

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